How to make extra money with paid surveys?


The options to acquire extra money are innumerable and precisely paid surveys represent an effective way to increase income easily and without the need for experience.

They are an effective possibility of additional money through the Internet and according to the schedule you want, from home, during a trip, or in the moments that you have to be waiting. Persistence and following the tips that are shared here is part of what is necessary to start getting extra money for your whims thanks to paid surveys (also known as paid surveys).

paid surveys

Paid surveys are a form of online business, through which people usually receive money or prizes, just by answering the questions that certain organizations or companies ask about a certain topic.

In general, brands require information about their customers or consumers, in order to carry out evaluations of certain markets and find marketing strategies that allow them to push themselves much further.

With the mere fact of being able to meet your potential customers, they can make use of effective tools that contribute to improving their results.

Some time ago, companies carried out this task through calls or approaches in the street to ask questions regarding a product, if it was preferred, and the habits of each person in relation to it.

Currently, with the great technological advances and the use that is given to the Internet, this task has become much easier because brands have understood that paying people who answer surveys will make it much easier to get their attention while obtaining positive results.

Operation of paid surveys

For the business of paid surveys to achieve the greatest success, discipline, perseverance, and dedication are required, so it can take time, they are very simple and try to collect the opinion of each person about products, events, brands, and services, among others. In this way, points are accumulated that can later be exchanged for money.

There are many platforms, some more reliable than others. Some request to make a subscription before giving access to the survey activity as such, but it is something that is not recommended, since there are other free options to earn extra money with surveys.

Best Paid Survey Pages

The possibilities on the web to make money with paid surveys are many, after doing an analysis of each one and seeing how it works, each person can feel free to choose which one to work with.

The first step that must be taken is to make the relevant registration on the selected platform. Certain platforms, according to the profiles and registered data, select the surveys to be sent.

If you want to get a little more money, you can register on different websites at the same time, in this way, you will have a range of possibilities when it comes to being selected to answer the surveys. Among the best pages are the following:


It is a platform where you can get money and cards by watching videos and answering suggested surveys. The only requirement is to register and create a free account to start earning points immediately, which can then be exchanged for online rewards or cash.


Toluna represents one of the most recognized tools to earn money by answering surveys, it has nine years of experience in this modality, and for all those who want to start in this area, the platform must top the list.


It is a paid survey option that allows you to exchange money for Amazon checks, it is available in different countries of the world that speak Spanish and many other languages.

To register, you just have to click on the country and fill out the form provided. The procedure is very easy, however, if any doubt arises, they have 24-hour attention to solve any setback.


It is one of the most experienced platforms in the market, they have more than ten years in the online market. It is one of the platforms that send more surveys to its users, which translates into higher income.

Grants the possibility of exchanging for points or for Amazon money and gift cards from El Corte Inglés. You can also send money earned from My Survey to an NGO. This platform is only available to users residing in Spain and the United States


In I-Say it is possible to find surveys in which opinions of international brands, leisure activities, and other varieties can be expressed.

Once completed, it is possible to get points, the more surveys answered, the greater the number of points earned.


Tick surveys offer everything that is required for the preparation of surveys of all kinds and thus collect data online quickly and practically when it comes to being processed.

opinion center

It refers to a resource that should also be considered, for each survey carried out with this company, a number of points are awarded that can be exchanged for money, either through PayPal or Amazon gift cards and iTunes cards, they also offer raffles in which you can win up to 1250 euros per quarter. It is available in several countries, including Spain.


American Consumer Opinion is a company that conducts paid surveys of the public in the United States, South America, and other countries around the world. Its page is only available in English.

The checks they grant are charged $10. The surveys are mostly answered in just ten minutes and are very simple.

How to earn money for paid surveys?

In order to work with more surveys and receive more money, it is suggested:

Create a new email account, specifically to work with the surveys to have everything organized.
During registration on the selected platform to earn extra money, it is necessary to provide all the requested data since profiles that have little identification do not receive many paid surveys.
When answering you must fill in all the possible boxes and reflect your reality.
The more times you request surveys that match your profile, the more opportunities to earn extra money you will have.

How much can you earn?

The payment may vary according to each survey, it depends on the length of the survey, from longer to shorter. Some can be done in a few minutes, others, on the other hand, can take approximately 20 minutes to answer and are paid 2 or 3 euros. Those that last longer are certainly better paid. Apart from the time required, it also varies depending on the theme or area.

Payments can be made in cash, through PayPal or gift vouchers may also be offered, as well as Amazon cards, among others. In order to get the extra money, you just have to carry out the process correctly, in order to be among the chosen candidates for each task and quickly start generating new income.

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